CISNO Pet Heating Pad

  • $24.99

  • HIGH HEATING EFFICIENCY - when your pets curl up on it, temp will raise up at the level you set in 25 minutes
  • SAFE & SECURE – Pets will not get burnt and no fire threat due to the UL listed low voltage adapter and anti-flaming cotton fabrics. It features high quality heating SR wires to make it more safer and durable.
  • CHEW RESISTANT CORD & ABS REINFORCED CONNECTION PORT- mental and soft plastic wrapped cord - no dental trauma if you dog chews it and it can bear Max 50 pounds drag
  • DIGIT LCD DISPLAY THERMOSTAT - you can adjust temp from 77-131°F and it is also built in power surge protection module
  • TWO REMOVABLE FABRIC COVERS- machine washable, scratch free and slightly waterproof and it is great for unwell pets, little puppies kitties, elderly pets or pets recuperating after injury

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